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Alternative forms[edit]


From life +‎ lore (learning, knowledge).


lifelore (uncountable)

  1. The knowledge of life or life experiences; wisdom.
    • 1891, James Vila Blake, Happiness from Thoughts and other Sermons:
      For who is he that shall hinder thee from being good and simple?" Full of high and pure religious thoughts and beautiful lifelore is this sage, [...]
    • 1981, Ca. Vē Cuppiramaṇiyan̲, Shanmuga Velayutham Subramanian, Na Kaṭikācalam, Literary heritage of the Tamils:
      The heritage of a language lies in its lifelore and literature.
    • 1989, Garrison Keillor, We are still married:
      Friends also were supposed to organize the Celebration, which would be "a free-form coming-together (non-sorrowing) of Survivors to share music, games, food, history, personhood — to exchange tokens, totems, lifelore, etc."
  2. (sciences, archaic) The study of life; biology.
    • 1909, John Bretland Farmer, The book of nature study: Volume 1:
      It may be useful to teachers to point out that the naturalist asks four chief questions — the answers to which, all very imperfect, are unified into a science of lifelore or biology.
    • 1932, Lorande Loss Woodruff, Animal biology:
      Origin of Life Lore
    • 2010, Lun, Wars of Times: The Gods of Time:
      You dizzy little girl. How can you even stand before me and pretend to know anything about Lifelore?” asked Uncle Ap Oka, referring to the art of creating life.