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lifetime job (plural lifetime jobs)

  1. (US) A job in which one remains for one's whole career until one's retirement.
    • 1972, Jerome Johnston and Jerald G. Bachman, Young Men and Military Service,[1] →ISBN, page 39:
      So, while choice of military service as a lifetime-job preference should be indicative of an orientation to military life, the reverse is not true: many people may be predisposed to service life without expressing it as a job preference.
    • 1984, John Diebold, Making the Future Work: Unleashing our Powers of Innovation for the Decades Ahead,[2] Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, pages 300–301:
      The lifetime-job program was one of the concessions that the UAW won from Ford, and later from General Motors, in return for labor cost savings during contract negotiations [] Perhaps it is this rethinking of labor’s needs, on the parts of both unions and management, that will surface as the most important gain from the lifetime-job experiment.
    • 1994 January 24, Michael Williams, “Toyota Creates Work Contracts Challenging Lifetime-Job System”, in the Wall Street Journal, page A10.[1]




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