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Norwegian Nynorsk[edit]


ligga (present tense ligg, past tense låg, past participle lege, passive infinitive liggast, present participle liggande, imperative ligg)

  1. Alternative form of liggja


ligga n

  1. definite plural of ligg



From Old Swedish liggia, from Old Norse liggja, from Proto-Germanic *ligjaną, from Proto-Indo-European *legʰ-.


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ligga (present ligger, preterite låg, supine legat, imperative ligg)

  1. to lie; be in a horizontal position
    Hon låg på marken
    She was lying on the ground
  2. to lie; to be placed, situated, or located
    Boken ligger på bordet
    The book is lying on the table
    Han ligger etta / Han ligger först / Han ligger på första plats
    He's in first place
    Visby ligger på Gotland
    Visby is located on Gotland (an island)
    Byn ligger fem kilometer härifrån
    The village is five kilometers from here
  3. to be enrolled (at a university)
    Han låg i Umeå
    He studied (at the university) in Umeå
  4. (colloquial, transitively with med (with)) to have sex (with)
    Jag har legat med honom
    I have had sex with him
    Har ni legat?
    Have you had sex?
    Fick du ligga?
    Did you score?


Derived terms[edit]