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See also: light-bulb and light bulb


Etymology 1[edit]


lightbulb (plural lightbulbs)

  1. Alternative spelling of light bulb

Etymology 2[edit]

Calque on Cantonese 电灯泡 (diàn dēng pào), as though the third person is a light bulb in the background.



lightbulb (plural lightbulbs)

  1. (Singapore, colloquial) An uninvited third person joining a couple's date who prevents or hinders romantic interactions.
    • 2011, Heidy The Traveler, "[1]", Learn Singlish a Bit!, 23 October 2011:
      You two go ahead lah, I don't want to be lightbulb.
    • 2014, Chris Soh, "[2]", 20 Words That Mean Something Completely Different to Singaporeans, 3 August 2014:
      When she finally came out her friend joined us. Damn lightbulb leh!
    • 2014, carolcraves, "[3]", Twitter, 31 January 2014:
      Being an extra big light bulb and eating with two cousins and their husband and fiance.