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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle French liquéfaction


liquefaction (countable and uncountable, plural liquefactions)

  1. Process of being, or state of having been, made liquid (from either a solid or a gas)
  2. The liquid or semiliquid that results from this process.
    • 2017, Jacob Bull, Tora Holmberg, Cecilia Åsberg, Animal Places: Lively Cartographies of Human-Animal Relations:
      Where we might usually have applied dressings and put bandages on, many people weren't able to keep dressings on their cats clean and dry because houses and gardens were full of liquefaction.
    • 2019, Frances McCaughey -, Carrig Of Dromara:
      The student army carried on shovelling liquefaction and the women in the homes nearby fed them without a thought.