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liquid document (plural liquid documents)

  1. (finance) A document showing a liquidated sum of money, such a cheque or promissory note.
  2. (law) A document on which summary judgment or provisional sentence may be granted.
    NEDCOR BANK LTD v LISINFO 61 TRADING (PTY) LTD 2005 (2) SA 432 (C) is a trite principle of our law that the term 'liquid document' for purposes of summary judgment proceedings has the same meaning as a 'liquid document' for purposes of provisional sentence proceedings. In Rich and Others v Lagerwey 1974 (4) SA 748 (A) at 754H, the Court said that, if a document in question, upon a proper construction thereof, evidences by its terms and without resort to evidence extrinsic thereto, an unconditional acknowledgment of indebtedness in an ascertained amount of money, the payment of which is due to the creditor, it is one upon which provisional sentence may properly be granted.