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litho- +‎ chromatic


lithochromatic (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to chromatic lithography (the production of lithographs that support color through the application of oil colors on stone).
    • 1945, Education Series, Ohio State University, issues 1-2, page 25
      M. Hercule Nicolet, an able artist especially versed in the recently invented art of chromatic lithography, headed the new establishment. Guyot says that here were produced “almost the first essays” of the lithochromatic art, and remarks on their beauty as well as their perfection of color and outline.
    • 1851, The Ecclesiologist, volume 12, page 79
      We are glad to hear that the Somersetshire Architectural Society contemplate publishing, in lithochromatic drawing, a sheet of the very remarkable coloured sculptures discovered in Wellington church, and described by us in a previous volume.
    • 1845, The London Quarterly Review, page i
      The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Italy, from the time of Constantino to the Fifteenth Century, represented in eighty-one Lithochromatic Plates.
  2. (soil science) Displaying color that results from the inclusion of particles of pulverised stone.
    • 1997, Michael J. Vepraskas & S. W. Sprecher, Aquic conditions and hydric soils: the problem soils, page 117:
      Low chroma colors due to reduced conditions are often indistinguishable from lithochromatic colors imparted by till parent materials.
    • 1923, Soil survey of Sweet Grass County Area, Montana, United States Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, page 74
      Values of 5 dry and 3 moist with low chroma are lithochromatic.
    • 2003, Soil Survey of Bedford County, Tennessee, US Dept of Agriculture, page 88
      ...few fine and medium prominent light gray (10YR 7/2) lithochromatic streaks and pockets; moderate medium subangular blocky structure.