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litho- +‎ -mancy



  1. divination with the use of precious or semi-precious stones, gemstones, or normal stones by either interpreting the light they reflect (crystallomancy), or how they fall (sortilege).


"Lithomancy, by stones..." -- The Magastromancer xix, Gaule, 1652
"Lithomancy, a species of divination performed by stones, but in what manner it is difficult to ascertain..." -- Chambers's Encyc. III, 1868
"LITHOMANCY: This divination using precious stones, one form of which involves candlelight. Scatter gemstones of different colors around a candle. Darken the room, light the candle, close your eyes, and clear your mind of thoughts. When you open your eyes, notice which color of stone first reflects the light back to you." -- Complete Bk Predictions, 1983