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lizard +‎ -less


lizardless (not comparable)

  1. Without any lizards.
    • 1915, John Muir, The Writings of John Muir: Our National Parks, page 222:
      Small fellow-mortals, gentle and guileless, they are easily tamed, and have beautiful eyes, expressing the clearest innocence, so that, in spite of prejudices brought from cool, lizardless countries, one must soon learn to like them.
    • 1919, Edmund James Banfield, Tropic Days, page 30:
      Thousands of birds every year laid eggs for the maintenance of fat and pompous reptiles, without reflecting that there were other and lizardless isles on which the vital function of incubation might be performed without loss.
    • 2002, Stephen R. Palumbi, The Evolution Explosion: How Humans Cause Rapid Evolutionary Change, page 42:
      Caribbean ecologist Tom Schoener had surveyed islands until finding a set that were lizardless, then had added five to ten pioneering animals to each.