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load +‎ out


loadout (plural loadouts)

  1. (originally military) The set of objects to be carried into battle; all that one needs for a specific purpose.
  2. (by extension, video games) A set of items and abilities chosen by the player before embarking on an in-game mission.
    • 2015, Alan F. Meades, Understanding Counterplay in Video Games
      I've got my custom loadout, a holographic scoped assault rifle and a stock of claymore mines to use to cover my back as I look out over the wreckage of the downed transport plane for insurgents.
  3. The transfer of an object onto a vessel or vehicle.[1]

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    Quote from Definitions section, page 9:
    'Load-out' : The transfer of a major assembly onto a barge by horizontal movement or by lifting. (For the purposes of this document, the term Barge can be considered to include Pontoon, Ship or Vessel where appropriate).
    © 2015 Noble Denton Group Limited
    Access Date 11 March, 2016.