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Alternative forms[edit]


logorrhea +‎ -ic


logorrheic (comparative more logorrheic, superlative most logorrheic)

  1. Of, pertaining to, or exhibiting logorrhea, the excessive flow of words
    It was a long, logorrheic tale.
    • 1905, Richard von Krafft-Ebing, Text-book of Insanity[1], page 495:
      The content of this logorrheic delirium is mainly made up of recent events.
    • 1936, November 2, Last Lap[2]:
      In a logorrheic swirl of speeches, talks, statements, challenges and replies Republican Nominee Alf Landon thrust halfway across the continent and all the way back from coast to coast last week []
    • 2007, February 2, “Eugene Robinson”, in An Inarticulate Kickoff[3]:
      I'll leave it to Joe Biden to explain (or figure out) why he used "clean" as one of a logorrheic string of adjectives describing his Senate colleague Barack Obama.