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looie (plural looies)

  1. (informal) Lieutenant.
    • 1920, Journal of the Fifty-Third National Encampment Grand Army of the Republic, Government Printing Office, page 90:
      "Dress up that line there," one sergeant with three gold stripes shouted to his company of majors, second "looies," and privates.
    • 1991, Schroeck, Robert W., GURPS Supers: I.S.T., Steve Jackson Games, ISBN 1-55634-192-X, page 5:
      [...] any more than a second lieutenant in Fort Dix will have a direct involvement with the doings of Congress. Even the "employers" of the ISTs, the security council, should remain as distant from the characters as the Joint Chiefs of Staff are from that second looie.




  1. (archaic) singular present subjunctive of looien