looney tunes

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Alternative forms[edit]


Extension of loony by reference to the cartoon series Looney Tunes.


looney tunes (comparative more looney tunes, superlative most looney tunes)

  1. (colloquial, humorous) Loony, crazy, insane.
    • 1988, Denise Ohio, The Finer Grain, Naiad Press, ↑ISBN, page 23,
      He'd look at me sort of sideways and say all the time, you're losing it, Amy, honey, you are going looney tunes.
    • 2002, Tony Spivey, Covered Ground, Iriswhite Publishing, ↑ISBN, page 12,
      I thought him crazy. / Pure looney tunes.
    • 2004, Lee Driver, The Unseen, Full Moon Pub., ↑ISBN, page 35,
      "Well, you should have found out if she was looney tunes first."

Derived terms[edit]