looney tunes

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Alternative forms[edit]


Extension of loony by reference to the cartoon series Looney Tunes.


looney tunes (comparative more looney tunes, superlative most looney tunes)

  1. (colloquial, humorous) Loony, crazy, insane.
    • 1988, Denise Ohio, The Finer Grain, Naiad Press, ISBN 0941483118, page 23,
      He'd look at me sort of sideways and say all the time, you're losing it, Amy, honey, you are going looney tunes.
    • 2002, Tony Spivey, Covered Ground, Iriswhite Publishing, ISBN 097110722X, page 12,
      I thought him crazy. / Pure looney tunes.
    • 2004, Lee Driver, The Unseen, Full Moon Pub., ISBN 096660217X, page 35,
      "Well, you should have found out if she was looney tunes first."

Derived terms[edit]