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From Latin īnsānus (unsound in mind; mad, insane), from in- + sānus (sound, sane).


  • IPA(key): /ɪnˈseɪn/
    • (file)
  • Rhymes: -eɪn


insane (comparative more insane or insaner, superlative most insane or insanest)

  1. Exhibiting unsoundness or disorder of mind; not sane; mad
    Synonyms: delirious, distracted
    • 1936, Dale Carnegie, “Part 1, Chapter 2. THE BIG SECRET OF DEALING WITH PEOPLE”, in How to Win Friends and Influence People[1], page 41:
      What is the cause of insanity? Nobody can answer such a sweeping question as that, but we know that certain diseases, such as syphilis, break down and destroy the brain cells and result in insanity. In fact, about one-half of all mental diseases can be attributed to such physical causes as brain lesions, alcohol, toxins, and injuries. But the other half—and this is the appalling part of the story—the other half of the people who go insane apparently have nothing organically wrong with their brain cells. In post-mortem examinations, when their brain tissues are studied under the highest-powered microscopes, they are found to be apparently just as healthy as yours and mine. Why do these people go insane?
  2. Used by, or appropriated to, insane persons
    an insane hospital
    an insane asylum
  3. Causing insanity or madness.
  4. Characterized by insanity or the utmost folly; ridiculous; impractical
    an insane plan
    an insane amount of money
    • 1918, W. B. Maxwell, chapter 16, in The Mirror and the Lamp:
      The preposterous altruism too! [] Resist not evil. It is an insane immolation of self—as bad intrinsically as fakirs stabbing themselves or anchorites warping their spines in caves scarcely large enough for a fair-sized dog.



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From English insane



insane (plural insanes)

  1. crazy
  2. foolish

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insane f pl

  1. feminine plural of insano




  1. vocative masculine singular of īnsānus


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