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From the Lorelei rock on the Rhine, which was haunted by one of these creatures according to German legend.



lorelei (plural loreleis)

  1. A siren; a temptress.
    • 1965, William Henry Davenport, Ben Siegel, Biography past and present: selections and critical essays
      We grew silly, tongue-tied, said foolish things we did not mean to say, shoved one another about in the boat, and finally overturned it. The loreleis laughed musical little laughs.
    • 1977 Angela Carter, The Passion of New Eve
      She was like a mermaid, an isolated creature that lives in fulfillment of its own senses; she lured me on, she was the lorelei of the gleaming river of traffic with its million, brilliant eyes that intermittently flowed between us.