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lounge +‎ room


loungeroom (plural loungerooms)

  1. (Australia) A lounge, a domestic living room.
    • 2000, Victorian Supreme Court, Council of Law Reporting in Victoria, Victorian Reports, Volume 1, page 8,
      The bystanders had entered in two groups of three via the Main Street entrance which led into the loungeroom.
    • 2002, Greg Gow, The Oromo in Exile: From the Horn of Africa to the Suburbs of Australia, page 25,
      One day while visiting Semira and Ahmed I commented on the Oromo pictures and artefacts displayed in their loungeroom.
    • 2009 March 14, Wayne Flower, “Elderly woman seriously injured when ute smashes into house”, in Herald Sun[1]:
      The ute slammed into the 78-year-old’s Cheltenham home just after midnight, crashing through the front fence into her loungeroom and pinning her underneath.