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Alternative forms[edit]


low-cost (comparative lower-cost or more low-cost, superlative lowest-cost or most low-cost)

  1. Low in price; cheap, inexpensive.
    Antonym: high-cost
    • 2020 November 18, Industry Insider, “Improving rail connectivity”, in Rail, page 68:
      For passengers, the decline in numbers using the short sea route (to 1.8 million in 2017) reflects the emergence of low-cost airlines and the expansion of flights serving Ireland from many regional airports in Britain.
    • 2022 May 11, Sandra E. Garcia, “Butt Lifts Are Booming. Healing Is No Joke.”, in The New York Times Magazine[1]:
      Lower-cost B.B.L.s have created a market for similarly priced postoperative care. These are not the relaxing, spalike havens like the ones that serve wealthier clientele.

Derived terms[edit]