low road

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low road (plural low roads)

  1. (idiomatic) A course of action which is undignified, wrongful, or otherwise unseemly.
    • 1988 Nov. 7, Sam Roberts, "Metro Matters: Urban Issues Get Short Shrift In '88 Campaign," New York Times (retrieved 25 March 2014):
      "[T]he national campaign took the low road in too many cases instead of the high road. On the high road would've been the urban agenda. On the low road all we had was personal vilification."
    • 2005 June 6, Jyoti Thottam, "Fast-Food Face-Off," Time (retrieved 19 Jan 2008):
      Burger King and Hardee's took the low road, heavily promoting gut-busting sandwiches like the Enormous Omelet and the Monster Thickburger.