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From Latin ludus (game), and from -graphy, after bibliography.



ludography (plural ludographies)

  1. A curated list of games
    1. A list of the games mentioned in a publication
      • 2014, Clara Fernández-Vara, Introduction to Game Analysis, Routledge, →ISBN, cover notes:
        Examples are drawn from a range of games, both digital and non-digital—from Bioshock and World of Warcraft to Monopoly—and the book provides a variety of exercises and sample analyses, as well as a comprehensive ludography and glossary.
    2. The oeuvre of a game designer
      • 2019 Nicolas Courcier, Mehdi El Kanafi, The Legend of Final Fantasy VII: Creation - Universe - Decryption "Nomura's Influence" (Third Editions →ISBN)
        Some very specific obsessions recur throughout his ludography: themes involving the subconscious, the nature of the mind, and the manipulated hero.
    3. a list of all the board games a designer created.
      • 2023, Klaus Teuber, Ludography[1]:
        In 2021, among other things, the revised CATAN 3D Edition was published. Other exciting titles are currently in the works and will then be included in the ludography here.