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Latin lūdus (play) + English -philia (from the Ancient Greek φιλία (philía, love”, “fondness))


ludophilia (uncountable)

  1. The love of play.
    • 2008, Sara Martin, Recycling Culture(s),[1] Cambridge Scholars Publishing, →ISBN, page 169:
      [] based on sicalipsis, with their tastelessness, petty subjects and immodest exhibition of female beauties, became a fitting artistic formula for the hedonism, ludophilia, escapism, and consumerism of the years just prior to the Great War, an atmosphere well reflected in stage settings similar to the ones displayed on the grand avenues and boulevards of the main European []
    • 2009, Anikó Imre, Identity Games: Globalization and the Transformation of Media Cultures in the New Europe,[2] MIT Press, →ISBN, page 18:
      Chapter 3 examines the racial and class politics of musical play as they are manifested in negotiations among the postcommunist state, the European Union, the global music industry, and Roma minority groups. The argument foregrounds a disavowed register of European nationalisms: the moral majority’s ludophilia toward “lazy” and “unproductive” Gypsies. Evoking Stuart Hall’s theorization of the playful Caribbean cultural identities, the chapter discusses Roma Rap, []