lupus in fabula

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From lupus (wolf) + in (in) + fābulā, the ablative of fābula (story, tale).


(Classical) IPA(key): /ˈlu.pus in ˈfaː.bu.laː/, [ˈɫ̪ʊ.pʊs ɪn̪ ˈfaː.bʊ.ɫ̪aː]


lupus in fābulā

  1. peace!, silence!, not a word!, shut up!, hold your tongue!


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lupus in fābulā

  1. (idiomatic) speak of the devil, talk of the devil, talk of the devil, and he will appear, it is he I was speaking of, of a person who comes just as we are talking about him
    De nescio quo loquebaris et subito venit is, dicis tu, 'lupus in fabula'.
    You were speaking about somebody or other and all of a sudden that person arrives; you say, 'lupus in fabula.'
    De Varrone loquebamur: lupus in fabulā: venit enim ad me.
    I said "speaking of the devil" about Varro, for he came to me.