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lutjanid (plural lutjanids)

  1. (zoology) Any member of the family Lutjanidae; a snapper.
    • 1993, Andrew Wright, Chapter 8: Shallow Water Reef-associated Finfish, Andrew Wright, Lance Hill (editors), Nearshore Marine Resources of the South Pacific, page 225,
      Among other families, the lutjanids appear to be gonochoristic throughout life although the population sex ratio as well as the sex ratio at size may frequently be skewed resulting from differential growth and mortality rates among the sexes (Grimes, 1987).
    • 1996, M. L. Domeier, C. Koenig, F. Coleman, Reproductive Biology of the Gray Snapper (Lutjanus griseus), with Notes on Spawning for other Western Atlantic Snappers (Lutjanidae), Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, J. L. Munro, M. C. Balgos, Daniel Pauly (editors), Biology, Fisheries, and Culture of Tropical Groupers and Snappers, page 199,
      Smaller species of lutjanids require fewer resources per individual and can form schools year-round.
    • 2000, J. M. Leis, D. S. Rennis, 52: Lutjanidae (Snappers and Fusiliers), Jeffrey Martin Leis, Brooke M. Carson-Ewart (editors), The Larvae of Indo-Pacific Coastal Fishes, page 336,
      The tightly coiled gut, small gas bladder, pigment pattern, early-forming head spination and early-forming spines of the pelvic fin and dorsal fin are useful distinguishing characteristics of the lutjanids.