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From Ancient Greek λυκανθρωπία(lukanthrōpía), from λυκάνθρωπος(lukánthrōpos).


  • (us) IPA(key): /lʌɪˈkanθɹəpi/


lycanthropy (usually uncountable, plural lycanthropies)

  1. (mythology) The act of shapeshifting between the form of a human being and an animal (usually a wolf), often done during a full moon, according to legend.
    • 2014, Marijn Haverbeke, “4: Data Structures: Objects and Arrays”, in Eloquent JavaScript, 2nd Ed.: A Modern Introduction to Programming, No Starch Press, ISBN 9781593275846, page 60:
      On one hand, Jacques is quite glad that he doesn’t have classic lycanthropy. Turning into a squirrel tends to cause fewer problems than turning into a wolf.
  2. A delusion in which one believes oneself to be a wolf or other wild animal.


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