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lygophobia (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Fear of darkness.
    • 1990, David Brin, Earth‎:
      Now that all the furious action had stopped, a sudden wave of lygophobia washed over her and she shivered at the intimidating darkness.
    • 2010 June 1, Bahman Seraj, “The Prevalence of Bruxism and Correlated Factors in Children Referred to Dental Schools of Tehran, Based on Parent's Report”, in Iranian Journal of Pediatrics, volume 20, number 2, page 174:
      Based on Parent's report, 26.2% of children showed bruxism and there was a significant relation between bruxism and mother's job, family history, distressing event in life, parasomnias, especially drooling and sleep walking, TMD, hyperactivity, depression, acrophobia and lygophobia.
    • 2012, Raynetta J. Stocks, The Grim:
      But the lygophobia was not going anywhere... at least not for awhile.