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(index ma)


maa (earth, soil) +‎ massa (mass), calque of Swedish jordmassa.



  1. (engineering, construction, mining) A large quantity of soil which needs to be, is being or has been removed from one place to another, or is subject to some other kind of action, such as clean-up or research.
  2. (geology) landmass (large continuous area of land, such as a continent or large island)

Usage notes[edit]

  • (large quantity of soil): This is a technical term. The word maa (soil) would ordinarily be used.


Inflection of maamassa (Kotus type 9/kala, no gradation)
nominative maamassa maamassat
genitive maamassan maamassojen
partitive maamassaa maamassoja
illative maamassaan maamassoihin
singular plural
nominative maamassa maamassat
accusative nom. maamassa maamassat
gen. maamassan
genitive maamassan maamassojen
partitive maamassaa maamassoja
inessive maamassassa maamassoissa
elative maamassasta maamassoista
illative maamassaan maamassoihin
adessive maamassalla maamassoilla
ablative maamassalta maamassoilta
allative maamassalle maamassoille
essive maamassana maamassoina
translative maamassaksi maamassoiksi
instructive maamassoin
abessive maamassatta maamassoitta
comitative maamassoineen

Related terms[edit]