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Probably a blend of massive and a respelling of the letters hu in huge infixed in the former.[1]




  1. (chiefly Britain, humorous, slang) Massive; huge; very large. [from 1990s]
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:gigantic
    Antonyms: see Thesaurus:tiny
    • 2000 March 27, Laurence Bogle, “Re: DF”, in alt.fab.robert-jordan, Usenet[1]:
      Well, I haven't had any real problems with it, it's not the most reliable ISP I've ever used (mahoosive understatement), but considering it's free it's not too bad.
    • 2002 September 24, “Frothie” [pseudonym], “Re: More Mahoosive Spiders :S”, in, Usenet[2]:
      I even said to someone look at them mahoosive mosquitoes!! [] I tell ya, between the mahoosive mosquitoes, bees & wasps and caterpillars, I was VERY happy to get back to the city & it's pollution.
    • 2003 October 10, “Catkins” [pseudonym], “Re: Just ‘done’ Tescos”, in, Usenet[3]:
      We do have a rather mahoosive store locally.
    • 2007 February 26, John P. Wood, Woody’s World Turns Left … into South East Asia, Bloomington, Ind.; Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire: AuthorHouse, →ISBN, page 247:
      Picture this: we had a fat tourist: wandering along in a mahusive pair of budgie smugglers (Speedo's), and wearing this ridiculous flower hat; pawing over a local girl.
    • 2007 October 20, Sam Lyon, “England v South Africa countdown”, in BBC Sport[4], archived from the original on 8 June 2021:
      And on that note, I shall bid you all a fond au revoir. This scene-setting commentary will now end, and Phil Harlow will bring you all the action from the Stade de France before, during and after tonight's mahoosive match.
    • 2010 January 23, “” [pseudonym], “Re: get this …”, in, Usenet[5]:
      Those destinations are the span of England. And it's not exactly a mahoosive country …
    • 2012 July 6, Gilly Ferguson, “Is Rachel McAdams pregnant!? Let’s examine the evidence (the bump)”, in Daily Mirror[6], London: Reach plc, ISSN 0307-0204, OCLC 223228477, archived from the original on 2 December 2020:
      Rachel McAdams showed off a mahusive baby bump while out and about in Notting Hill, London late yesterday afternoon. Which could just about be the most exciting thing to ever happen, today.
    • 2015 November, Danie Ware, “Muster”, in Ecko Endgame, London: Titan Books, Titan Publishing Group, →ISBN:
      Bass-thrum and glass-shard music swelled slowly in volume. Despite the sound's sweetness, its painful clarity, something in Ecko shivered – it jagged at his nerves like the old fingernails-down-a-blackboard trick. It was pure power, some ma-hu-sive engine that was just turning over, warming the fuck up.
    • 2019 June 17, Matt Goulet, quoting Henry Cavill, “Henry Cavill Reveals His Secret to Getting Big Arms”, in Richard Dorment, editor, Men’s Health[7], New York, N.Y.: Hearst Magazine Media, ISSN 1054-4836, OCLC 1139630055, archived from the original on 3 October 2020:
      So if you're shy about going to the gym because there is always someone next to you using mahoosive weights, don't be. You do your weights, just make every workout count.

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