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  • IPA(key): [ˈmɒjd]
  • (file)


majd (not comparable)

  1. at a time in the future, sometime, later
    Ha majd lesz időd, olvasd el ezt a könyvet! - When you have time later, then read this book.
  2. and then, after it
    Elmentek ebédelni, majd hazamentek. - They went to eat lunch and then they went home.
  3. almost, nearly
    Majd' leszakad a vállam, olyan nehéz ez a táska! (As a short version of majdnem, it is often written in this sense with a final apostrophe, although it is officially not endorsed.) - My shoulders are almost getting torn off, this bag is so heavy!

Usage notes[edit]

(in the future): There is no future tense in Hungarian so a way of expressing it is using the present tense with the adverb majd. The other common option is using the auxiliary verb fog, which can imply intention or determinate outcome (cf. going to). If it is clear that future is meant, simply using the present tense on its own is sufficient.


Derived terms[edit]