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From Middle French maligneté, from Latin malignitas.


malignity (countable and uncountable, plural malignities)

  1. The quality of being malign or malignant; badness, evilness, monstrosity, depravity, maliciousness.
    • 1861, Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, Chapter 40:
      His enjoyment of the spectacle I furnished, as he sat with his arms folded on the table, shaking his head at me and hugging himself, had a malignity in it that made me tremble.
    • 1907, Barbara Baynton, Sally Krimmer; Alan Lawson, editors, Human Toll (Portable Australian Authors: Barbara Baynton), St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, published 1980, page 265:
      On the door-threshold Mina turned, and her eyes fastened on Woona in concentrated malignity.
  2. A non-benign cancer; a malignancy.
    • 2005, Jun;106(3):177-80 English abstract of French article "Multiple metastases of a mandibular ameloblastoma" R.L. Abada et al., "Multiple metastases of a mandibular ameloblastoma", Revue de stomatologie et de chirurgie maxillo-faciale
      The absence of any histological sign of malignity in the primary tumor and in the metastases, as observed in our patient, is remarkable.