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From Middle English mameren ‎(to hesitate, be undecided, waver, mutter), from Old English māmrian, māmorian ‎(to think through, deliberate, plan out, design), from Proto-Germanic *maimrōną ‎(to take care, worry), from Proto-Indo-European *mer-, *smer- ‎(to fall into thought, remember, take care). Related to Old English māmor ‎(deep thought, deep sleep, unconsciousness), Old English mimorian ‎(to remember), Dutch mijmeren ‎(to ponder, muse). More at remember.


mammer ‎(third-person singular simple present mammers, present participle mammering, simple past and past participle mammered)

  1. (rare) To hesitate.
    Tell me, Othello: I wonder in my soul, What you would ask me, that I should deny, Or stand so mammering on — Shakespeare, Othello.
  2. (rare) To mumble or stammer from doubt or hesitation.

Derived terms[edit]