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From Middle English mameren (to hesitate, be undecided, waver, mutter), from Old English māmrian, māmorian (to think through, deliberate, plan out, design), from Proto-Germanic *maimrōną (to take care, worry), from Proto-Indo-European *mer-, *smer- (to fall into thought, remember, take care). Related to Old English māmor (deep thought, deep sleep, unconsciousness), Old English mimorian (to remember), Dutch mijmeren (to ponder, muse). More at remember.


mammer (third-person singular simple present mammers, present participle mammering, simple past and past participle mammered)

  1. (rare) To hesitate.
    Tell me, Othello: I wonder in my soul, What you would ask me, that I should deny, Or stand so mammering on — Shakespeare, Othello.
  2. (rare) To mumble or stammer from doubt or hesitation.

Derived terms[edit]