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mamma +‎ -iferous.



mammiferous (comparative more mammiferous, superlative most mammiferous)

  1. Mammalian.
    • 1837, Michael Ryan, The Philosophy of Marriage, in Its Social, Moral, and Physical Relations; with an Account of the Diseases of the Genito-urinary Organs which Impair or Destroy the Reproductive Function; and Induce a Variety of Complaints; with the Physiology of Generation in the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms [...], London: John Churchill, Princes' Street, Soho, OCLC 243495533, page 191:
      The moment of ejaculation in mammiferous animals is accompanied by universal excitement of the whole body, a kind of slight convulsion, which terminates in a comatose or exstatic state.
  2. (anatomy) Having mammae, or (humorous) breasts.
    • 1973, Kyril Bonfiglioli, Don't Point That Thing at Me (Penguin 2001, p. 53)
      The mammiferous secretary slithered in, changed the spool and slithered out again, giving me a small, hygienic smile en route.