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  1. present participle of mangle


mangling (plural manglings)

  1. An act in which something is mangled
    • 1851, Edited by Mrs. M. H. Adams, Small Means and Great Ends[1]:
      After having been an inmate of our family nine years, having suffered countless frights and manglings from the many kittens we had kept in the time, he at last died by the claws of the family cat, when released one fine afternoon for an airing, and to have his cage cleaned.
    • 2005 April 22, Liz Armstrong, Kabir Hamid, Monica Kendrick, Peter Margasak, “The Treatment”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      That disc comes on the heels of Background Check, a compilation of oddities and rarities that includes obligatory (though still addictive) punk manglings of pop hits like "I Ran" and "I've Got the Music in Me," as well as presumably more respectable numbers like "Oh Bondage, Up Yours!" and "12XU."