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  • IPA(key): (Brazil) /maˈni.ʎɐ/, [maˈni.ʎɐ]
  • IPA(key): (Portugal) /mɐˈni.ʎɐ/, [mɐˈni.ʎɐ]

  • Hyphenation: ma‧ni‧lha

Etymology 1[edit]

Borrowed from Spanish manilla,[1][2] from Latin manicula, from manus (hand).[3][4]


manilha f (plural manilhas)

  1. shackle (U-shaped piece of metal secured with a pin or bolt)
  2. shackle (restraint fit over a wrist or ankle)
  3. bracelet (band worn around the wrist as jewellery)
  4. a large concrete pipe used for sewage or drainage



  1. third-person singular (ele and ela, also used with você and others) present indicative of manilhar
  2. second-person singular (tu, sometimes used with você) affirmative imperative of manilhar

Etymology 2[edit]

From French manille (manille),[1][4] from earlier malille, from Spanish malilla.[3]


manilha f (plural manilhas)

  1. (card games) manille (the second-highest trump in certain card games.)
    Synonyms: bisca, (in sueca) sete
  2. (truco) any card serving as the joker in the current turn
See also[edit]
Playing cards in Portuguese · cartas de baralho (layout · text)
40 Asso di picche.jpg 41 Due di picche.jpg 42 Tre di picche.jpg 43 Quattro di picche.jpg 44 Cinque di picche.jpg 45 Sei di picche.jpg 46 Sette di picche.jpg
ás dois, duque três, terno quatro, quadra cinco, quina seis, sena sete, bisca, manilha
47 Otto di picche.jpg 48 Nove di picche.jpg 49 Dieci di picche.jpg 50 J di picche.jpg 51 Q di picche.jpg 52 K di picche.jpg Jolly Nero.jpg
oito nove dez valete dama rei jóquer, joker,
coringa, curinga

Etymology 3[edit]

From Manilha (Manila, Philippines).


manilha m (uncountable)

  1. Manila paper (cheap, low quality paper)


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