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From man +‎ pack.



manpack (plural manpacks)

  1. (usually attributive) An object meant to be carried by a single person.
    • 2000, Steven K. Roberts, From Behemoth to Microship, Camano Island, WA, USA: Nomadic Research Labs, ISBN 9781929470006, page 70:
      We decide to stop in Chemainus for lunch, so we tie up at the public wharf, set security, grab the manpacks, and stroll into the pretty little town... enjoying the stretch.
    • 2007, U. S. Department of Defense, U.S. Army Ranger Handbook, Skyhorse Publishing Inc., ISBN 9781602390522, page 123:
      The operating voltage for the manpack radio is 13.5 volts from the primary battery.
    • 2013, November, Army Techniques Publication, number 6-02.72, ISBN 9781494339470, page 62:
      Modern tactical radios utilize a single receiver/transmitter for all manpack and vehicular configurations. Manpacks are limited to battery power and typically have a shorter transmission distance than the more powerful vehicular installations because of additional power amplifiers. Manpacks are typically employed in dismounted operations where vehicular systems are used in support of mounted or dismounted forces. Multiband manpack systems will generally shorten battery life quicker than single channel tactical radios, and perform better with stable or regulated power sources.