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Blend of man +‎ capris.


manpris pl (plural only)

  1. (plural only, slang) Capri pants that are worn by men.
    • 2002, Sally Cragin, "Chillin' With Surfers and Sick Waves," Boston Globe, Mar 20, 2002:
      "Manpris" is a derogatory term for Capri-style pants for men.
    • 2006, Jim Ryan, "Federer's game has no weaknesses," SportingNews, July 9, 2006, [1]:
      The young Spaniard's vivacity and flair is the perfect foil to Federer's stoicism and meticulousness. Hell, I'm even beginning to come around on the manpris (OK, maybe not).
    • 2007, Olivia Barker and Mary Cadden, "Dumpy dads yield fashionable fathers," USA Today, Jun 13, 2007, pg. 6D
      Her husband has one uniform to accompany his always untamed mane, and it's not a particularly flattering one: He's addicted to black Hush Puppies ("he will not wear any other shoe but these — even in the summer"), the color black and, perhaps most insidiously, "manpris" — capri pants for men.
    • 2007, Sarah van Schagen and Sarah K. Burkhalter, "From Bend It to Blow It," Grist Magazine, 27 Jul 2007, [2]:
      But Leo's fanny pack was a Titanic mistake ... and we can only hope it's near the 11th hour for manpris.