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man +‎ -wise


manwise (comparative more manwise, superlative most manwise)

  1. In a way befitting a man.
    • 2000, Linda Grant De Pauw, Battle Cries and Lullabies: Women in War from Prehistory to the Present
      In the enemy army there also were women on horseback, in armor and steel helmets who fought manwise; they hurled themselves into the thick of the battle []
    • 2005, John Fox, The Heart of the Hills
      For a little while Jason rode with his hands folded manwise on the pommel of his saddle and with manlike emotions in his heart []
  2. (not comparable) In terms of a man.
    • 1995, Michael Stein, Probabilities
      But she had this urgent need to think of herself in terms of who she was with, manwise []
    • 1995, Carrie Fisher, Delusions of Grandma
      At the moment, Cora was basically at a standstill, manwise, somewhere between the next to come and the last to go. The last to go had been Charles []