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Karl Witkowski, Game of Marbles


marbles pl (plural only)

  1. Any of several children's games played with small balls (made of marble or more commonly glass).
    Egyptian boys played marbles before the days of Moses.
  2. (figuratively, usually in a limited number of expressions) Sanity.
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:sanity
    Grandpa's lost his marbles, but at least he still recognizes us.
    Granny's still got all her marbles.
    His lack of marbles is becoming ever more apparent.
    • 2012, J. T. Petty, Bloody Chester, First Second, →ISBN, p. 63:
      —Her daddy's crazy. [...] Think she's looking for something?
      —Treasure, I expect. That or maybe her daddy's marbles.
  3. (motor racing) Bits of rolled-up rubber shed by the tires of race cars that accumulate at the edges of the track, especially at the corners.
    • 2014, Amen Zwa, Going Nowhere Fast In Assetto Corsa (2015-05-01), →ISBN, page 395:
      Some corners are littered with marbles, off the racing line.

Derived terms[edit]




  1. plural of marble
    Marbles were among the treasures found buried in the ruins of Pompeii.



  1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of marble

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