marshalling yard

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The marshalling yard at Godorf, Cologne

Alternative forms[edit]


marshalling yard (plural marshalling yards)

  1. A railway yard where trains are assembled from individual carriages or goods wagons.
    • 1963 January, G. F. Fiennes, “The "Merry-go-Round" Railway - a new plan for mineral trains”, in Modern Railways, page 20:
      In passing we must glance at marshalling yards. Of course, until the unit of the country's trade is a train-load and not something less than a wagon-load, marshalling yards will continue to be a necessary evil.
    • 1963 February, G. M. Kichenside, “The Newport (Mon.) resignalling scheme”, in Modern Railways, page 125:
      Five marshalling yards in the vicinity—Pontypool Road, Rogerstone, Alexandra Dock Junction, East Usk Junction and Severn Tunnel Junction—remarshal much of this traffic into full train loads to destination.