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masturbate +‎ -rix


masturbatrix (plural masturbatrices or masturbatrixes)

  1. (rare) A female masturbator.
    • 1987, anonymous, Pleasure's Mistress
      Thus under the Restoration one spoke of the branleuses or masturbatrixes of the Palais Royal, whose clients, students for the most part, came to have their hard-ons massaged away for a few centimes.
    • 1997, Michael Ford, Butch Boys: Stories for Men Who Need It Bad
      Beresford triumphs again with this intoxicating tale, filled with castle dungeons and tightly corseted ladies-in-waiting, naughty viscounts and impossibly cruel masturbatrixes []
    • 1997, Frank Sanello, Naked instinct: the unauthorized biography of Sharon Stone
      The actress wanted to stretch in a role that was 180 degrees away from the omnivorous Tramell and the masturbatrix from Sutton.