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From the phrase “it may hap”.



mayhap (not comparable)

  1. (archaic, rare) maybe, perhaps, possibly, perchance:
    • 1871, Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass, Chapter VI, [1]
      I'm one that has spoken to a King, I am: mayhap you'll never see such another []
    • 1895, Fiona Macleod, "The Sin-Eater" in The Sin-Eater, The Washer of the Ford and Other Legendary Moralities, New York: Duffield & Co., p. 12, [2]
      Then I heard the rush, the stamping and neighing, of some young mares, pasturing there, as they raced to and fro, bewildered or mayhap only in play.
    • 1983, Peter De Vries, Slouching Towards Kalamazoo, Boston: Little, Brown & Co., Chapter 4, p. 50,
      Who would not adore Mom and admire old Ma Pettigrew? There is one of each on your street, the younger mayhap heading for the trib­ulations already unmurmuringly borne by the older.

Derived terms[edit]