me fellow

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Alternative forms[edit]


See Kriol mibala, Bislama mifala, Tok Pisin mipela, Torres Strait Creole mipla.


me fellow

  1. (Australian Aboriginal) we, us
    • 1984, Australian Aboriginal Studies, no. 2
      That’s for me fellow Aboriginal people.
    • 1987, A. McGrath Born in the Cattle
      When we was a kid we couldn’t even talk properly, but the missus go tell me fellers ‘You gotta speak! Talk proper English you naughty girls—you’ll get a smack!’
    • 1989, R. M. Baker, Land is Life
      I been find all my boy long Borroloola ... me fella and Banjo find big mob girl too and boy.
    • 1993, G. Koch, Kaytetye Country
      This my wife here because mefella family, mefella bin gettin married.

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