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Probably a blend of meek +‎ peacock, or from meek +‎ -cock (diminutive suffix). For use of cock as a diminutive suffix, see also niddicock.


meacock (plural meacocks)

  1. (obsolete) An uxorious, effeminate, or spiritless man.
  2. A meek man who dotes on his wife, or is henpecked.
    • 1593-1594, William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew, ii 1
      Petruchio: How tame, when men and women are alone / A meacock wretch can make the curstest shrew.
    • 1604, Thomas Decker and Thomas Middleton, The Honest Whore
      Viola: a woman’s well holp’d up with such a meacock. I had rather have a husband that would swaddle me thrice a day, than such a one that will be gull’d twice in half an hour.
    • 1876, Henry Taylor, Philip Van Artevelde., A Dramatic Romance., In Two Parts., Henry S. King & Co. (London), page 86
      Earl: A man that as much knowledge has of war / As I of brewing mead ! ... A bookish nursling of the monks—a meacock !