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From Middle English pecok, pekok, pocok, pacok, equivalent to pea (peafowl; peacock) +‎ cock. Compare Old Norse páfugl (peacock, literally pea-fowl), and English peahen, peachick, etc.



peacock (plural peacocks)

  1. A male peafowl, especially Pavo cristatus, notable for its brilliant iridescently ocellated tail.
  2. A peafowl (of the genus Pavo or Afropavo), either male or female.
  3. A vainglorious person [from the 14th c.].
  4. (entomology) Any of various Asian species of papilionid butterflies of the genus Papilio.



Derived terms[edit]


  • Hawaiian: pīkake
    • English: pikake
  • Maori: pīkake



peacock (third-person singular simple present peacocks, present participle peacocking, simple past and past participle peacocked)

  1. (intransitive) To strut about proudly or haughtily.
    • 2014 May 30, Will Butler, “The Mark of Cane”, in The New York Times Magazine[1]:
      A routine border-check in upstate New York had turned into a back-room interrogation, and I was worried, because the three friends I was traveling with didn’t respond to authority well. I could almost hear the wry grins cracking their faces as the officers peacocked. “Is U.S. Customs a joke to you?” one officer asked. My friend Alex said, “No law against smiling, sir.”
  2. (intransitive) To engage in peacocking, ostentatious dress or behaviour to impress women.

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