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  • Rhymes: -æv

Etymology 1[edit]

Contraction of pavilion.


pav (plural pavs)

  1. (cricket, informal) Clipping of pavilion.
    • 1954, Anthony Buckeridge, According to Jennings, page 80:
      “It′s no good hanging around here. I vote we nip round to the back of the pav,” Jennings suggested. “We might be able to see Mr Findlater and wave to him through the window.”
      They scurried round to the rear of the building where a row of windows overlooked a deserted part of the cricket ground.
    • 2000, Aidan Higgins, The Whole Hog, unnumbered page:
      Up goes the finger and the Dodo snaps to attention, rams the bat under his arm (subaltern with swagger stick) and retreats to the pav with a slowness intended as silent comment on a poor decision.
    • 2008, Fionn Davenport, Dublin City Guide, Lonely Planet, page 166:
      One of the most enjoyable drinking experiences in town can be had on a pleasant summer′s day on the balcony of the Pav, the cricket pavilion overlooking Trinity′s playing fields.

Etymology 2[edit]

Contraction of pavlova. Australian from 1966.


pav (plural pavs)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, informal) Clipping of pavlova.
    • 2003, Stephen Downes, Advanced Australian Fare: How Australian Cooking Became the World′s Best, page 6:
      Bert Sachse experimented for a month to create the perfect pav.
    • 2011, Neil Perry, Rockpool Bar & Grill: Desserts, unnumbered page:
      I′m totally biased but I think this is the best pav in the world. It also does nothing to clear up the argument that the pav is in fact from New Zealand and not Australia.
    • 2011, Margaret Fulton, Suzanne Gibbs, Margaret Fulton Favourites, page 194:
      Pavlova, named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, is still just about the most popular party dessert in Australia. [] The following recipe was given to me by a churchgoer who won acclaim for her ‘pavs’ and made at least five a week for members of the congregation.

Etymology 3[edit]

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pav (plural pavs)

  1. (India) An Indian-style bread roll.

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pȃv m anim (female equivalent pȃvica or pavíca)

  1. peacock (bird)


The diacritics used in this section of the entry are non-tonal. If you are a native tonal speaker, please help by adding the tonal marks.
Masculine anim., hard o-stem
nom. sing. páv
gen. sing. páva
singular dual plural
páv páva pávi
páva pávov pávov
pávu pávoma pávom
páva páva páve
pávu pávih pávih
pávom pávoma pávi

Further reading[edit]

  • pav”, in Slovarji Inštituta za slovenski jezik Frana Ramovša ZRC SAZU, portal Fran