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From Pavlova (a surname), from Russian Па́влова (Pávlova), feminine form of Па́влов (Pávlov), after ballerina Anna Pavlova (1881-1931). Australia / New Zealand from circa 1930. Both New Zealand and Australia lay claim to origination of the dish and the name. According to research undertaken by the Oxford English Dictionary, however, the earliest known attestation for the term is from New Zealand in 1927.[1]


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pavlova (plural pavlovas)

  1. (chiefly Australia and New Zealand, foods) A meringue dessert usually topped with fruit and cream. [From 1927.]
    • 2002, Vijeya Rajendra, Sundran Rajendra, Cultures of the World: Australia, page 128,
      The pavlova — rich in whipped cream and icecream — is a wonderful dessert that should appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.
    • 2006, Murdoch Books Pty Limited, Lust: Food for Lovers, page 205,
      For a successful pavlova you′ll need a spotlessly clean, dry stainless steel or glass bowl.
    • 2011, Margaret Fulton, Suzanne Gibbs, Margaret Fulton Favourites, page 194,
      Pavlova, named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, is still just about the most popular party dessert in Australia.

Derived terms[edit]

  • pav (contraction)


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  1. pavlova


Inflection of pavlova (Kotus type 10/koira, no gradation)
nominative pavlova pavlovat
genitive pavlovan pavlovien
partitive pavlovaa pavlovia
illative pavlovaan pavloviin
singular plural
nominative pavlova pavlovat
accusative nom. pavlova pavlovat
gen. pavlovan
genitive pavlovan pavlovien
partitive pavlovaa pavlovia
inessive pavlovassa pavlovissa
elative pavlovasta pavlovista
illative pavlovaan pavloviin
adessive pavlovalla pavlovilla
ablative pavlovalta pavlovilta
allative pavlovalle pavloville
essive pavlovana pavlovina
translative pavlovaksi pavloviksi
instructive pavlovin
abessive pavlovatta pavlovitta
comitative pavlovineen