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megaverse ‎(plural megaverses)

  1. (physics) A theoretical higher-order universe that contains multiple (possibly an infinite number of) pocket universes within it;
    • 2010, James F. Molben, Atheism: Trendy, Chic and Scientifically Misguided, ISBN 1453697411, page 28:
      Several of the more interesting variants of string theory propose that our entire universe is one simple three-dimensional membrane existing within a higher-order bulk universe, or megaverse.
    • 2010, Nick Huggett, Everywhere and Everywhen: Adventures in Physics and Philosophy, ISBN 0195379519:
      An important part of Susskind's picture is that each of the pocket universes is expanding like a bubble, so you can't get out of one, but the whole megaverse also expands, so the bubbles don't collide.
    • 2013, Patrick Cusick, Universis: Big Bangs and Universal Beings, ISBN 6162222624, page 10:
      As there is no evidence of an unconditional singularity anywhere it is highly likely that there are other universes and even “mother” megaverses of infinite proportions.