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From Proto-Italic *memnos, Proto-Indo-European *me-mn-os-, a reduplicated form of *men- (to think).[1]



memor (genitive memoris); third declension

  1. mindful, remembering
  2. that has a good memory


Third declension, non-i-stem (genitive plural in -um).

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
Nominative memor memorēs memora
Genitive memoris memorum
Dative memorī memoribus
Accusative memorem memor memorēs memora
Ablative memore memoribus
Vocative memor memorēs memora


Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]



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    • to remember a thing perfectly: memoriā tenere aliquid
    • to have a good memory: memoriā (multum) valere (opp. memoriā vacillare)
    • to make a slip of the memory: memoriā labi
    • (ambiguous) the present day: haec tempora, nostra haec aetas, memoria
    • (ambiguous) in our time; in our days: his temporibus, nostra (hac) aetate, nostra memoria, his (not nostris) diebus
    • (ambiguous) in our fathers' time: memoria patrum nostrorum
    • (ambiguous) to have a vivid recollection of a thing: recenti memoria tenere aliquid
    • (ambiguous) to have a good memory: memorem esse (opp. obliviosum esse)
    • (ambiguous) he had such an extraordinary memory that..: memoria tanta fuit, ut
    • (ambiguous) from memory; by heart: ex memoria (opp. de scripto)
    • (ambiguous) to keep in mind: memoria custodire
    • (ambiguous) vivid recollection: memoria et recordatio
    • (ambiguous) to show a thankful appreciation of a person's kindness: grata memoria aliquem prosequi
    • (ambiguous) the memory of this will never fade from my mind: numquam ex animo meo memoria illius rei discedet
    • (ambiguous) a thing has been vividly impressed on our[TR1] memory: aliquid in memoria nostra penitus insidet
    • (ambiguous) nothing will ever make me forgetful of him: semper memoria eius in (omnium) mentibus haerebit
    • (ambiguous) a thing escapes, vanishes from the memory: aliquid excidit e memoria, effluit, excidit ex animo
    • (ambiguous) the recollection of a thing has been entirely lost: memoria alicuius rei excidit, abiit, abolevit
    • (ambiguous) to be forgotten, pass into oblivion: memoria alicuius rei obscuratur, obliteratur, evanescit
    • (ambiguous) to borrow instances from history: exempla petere, repetere a rerum gestarum memoria or historiarum (annalium, rerum gestarum) monumentis
    • (ambiguous) examples taken from Roman (Greek) history: exempla a rerum Romanarum (Graecarum) memoria petita
    • (ambiguous) Roman history (as tradition): memoria rerum Romanarum
    • (ambiguous) tradition, history tells us: memoriae traditum est, memoriae (memoria) proditum est (without nobis)
    • (ambiguous) a twofold tradition prevails on this subject: duplex est memoria de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) ancient history: rerum veterum memoria
    • (ambiguous) ancient history: memoria vetus (Or. 34. 120)
    • (ambiguous) ancient history: antiquitatis memoria
    • (ambiguous) modern history: recentioris aetatis memoria
    • (ambiguous) the history of our own times; contemporary history: memoria huius aetatis (horum temporum)
    • (ambiguous) the history of our own times; contemporary history: nostra memoria (Cael. 18. 43)
    • (ambiguous) universal history: omnis memoria, omnis memoria aetatum, temporum, civitatum or omnium rerum, gentium, temporum, saeculorum memoria
    • (ambiguous) historic times: historicorum fide contestata memoria
    • (ambiguous) to read a speech: de scripto orationem habere, dicere (opp. sine scripto, ex memoria)