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Old English[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *mimraz, *mīmraz ‎(mindful, careful), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)mer- ‎(to be mindful, remember, take careful thought of). Akin to Saterland Frisian mimerje ‎(to ponder, reflect), Middle Low German mīmeren, mīmern ‎(to ponder, reflect), Middle Dutch mīmeren ‎(to ponder, reflect) (Dutch mijmeren ‎(to muse, reflect deeply, think to oneself)), Old Norse Mīmir Norse god of Memory, Old English māmor ‎(lethargy), Old English māmrian ‎(to think out, design), Latin memor ‎(mindful), Old English murnan ‎(to mourn).



  1. mindful
  2. exisiting in the memory or mind, known

Related terms[edit]