mennä sukset ristiin

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mennä (to go) + sukset (skis) + ristiin (across)


mennä sukset ristiin

  1. (idiomatic) to cross swords (to have a dispute)
    Markulla ja hänen morsiamellaan menivät sukset ristiin juhannuksena.
    Markku crossed swords with his fiancee during the midsummer.
    Minulla on mennyt sukset ristiin papin kanssa.
    I have crossed swords with the priest.

Usage notes[edit]

In a sentence involving this expression sukset is the grammatical subject and thus the verb mennä should be in plural, but especially in informal speech it is often in singular. At least one of the persons involved in swords-crossing is in allative case, the others may be in allative or indicated with the postposition kanssa (with).