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From mero- (partial) +‎ Ancient Greek κρῑ́νω (krī́nō, to separate).


merocrine (not comparable)

  1. (anatomy, biology, histology) Of or pertaining to certain exocrine glands that secrete without major damage to the secretory cells.
    • 1982, Vladimir Evgenʹevich Sokolov, Mammal Skin, University of California Press, page 20,
      Merocrine cells have several full secretion cycles — the merocrine secretion cell does not die when it secretes into the lumen of the gland.
    • 2011, S. M. Kisia, Vertebrates: Structures and Functions, page 53,
      Secretions from glands are produced by merocrine, apocrine and holocrine modes of secretion (Fig. 3.4). In merocrine secretion, membrane bound secretory vesicles are formed and accumulate below the free surface of the cell. [] There is no loss of cytoplasm in merocrine secretion.
    • 2013, Nancy A. Monteiro-Riviere, 16: Integument, Jo Ann Eurell, Brian L. Frappier (editors), Dellmann's Textbook of Veterinary Histology, 6th Edition, page 338,
      The planum rostrale of pigs has tactile (sinus) hairs distributed over the surface and numerous large merocrine sweat glands.


  • (of or pertaining to certain exocrine glands): eccrine (specifically of (certain) sweat glands)

Coordinate terms[edit]



merocrine f

  1. feminine plural of merocrino