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From Welsh meddyglyn, from meddyg (medicinal) (from Latin medicus) + llyn (liquor) (cognate with Irish lionn and Gaelic leann).


  • IPA(key): /mɪˈθɛɡlɪn/, /ˈmɛθəɡlɪn/


metheglin (countable and uncountable, plural metheglins)

  1. A spiced mead, originally from Wales.
    • 1988, Anthony Burgess, Any Old Iron:
      But Gwen behind the bar said: ‘Try this, mead it is called.’ Reg admired the pure long high front vowel. Sack mead and sack metheglin. A scholarly man, tall and in leggings, his face a map of purple rivery veins, said: ‘Well, it’s the Welsh national drink, or was. Should properly be meddyglyn, liquor being llyn and meddyg from medicus, the healer'.
    • 2001, David Alan Woolsey, Libations of the Eighteenth Century: A Concise Manual for the Brewing of Authentic Beverages from the Colonial Era of America, and of Times Past:
      In Digbie's era metah, metheglin, and melomel were probably considered synonyms. [] "Melomel" today usually means a mead flavored with any fruit juice other than apples or pears. Peaches, cherries, blackberries, or plumbs[sic] are some good, historic choices.